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Ask the Expert: F5 <strong>Calling all F5 enthusiasts!</strong> Take the opportunity to ask a seasoned expert, <a class="mention" href="/u/patrik_jonsson">@Patrik_Jonsson</a>, anything regarding F5 LTM! Patrik is an Indeni Knowledge Expert (IKE) and has been awarded <a href="https://indeni.com/blog/september-member-of-the-month/">Indeni Crowd Member of the Month</a> in addition to earning the F5 Dev Central MVP award four years in a row. Don’t miss his <a href="https://f5.com/agility/breakouts#Wednesday">speaking session</a> on Wednesday at F5 Agility this year!<br> <br><br> <strong>Benefit from Patrik’s knowledge in these ways:</strong>
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