it Is not updating the screen unless I move the mouse

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I am confronting a very interesting problem that I don’t know how to solve. My application (Python, Tkinter and extensions, KDE) is supposed to ensure some sort of network communication. A process may ask for something another one, running remotely, and, in order to receive an answer it is sending its pid, together with other things.
When the answers comes back, a daemon running on the same machine will send a SIGUSER1 to my process. In some instances what it should happen is to update user’s screen according to the received data.
On my development machine (Dell Latitude C600) works flawless. On testing machines (IBM NetVista) it is not updating the screen unless I move the mouse over my application’s window.
What can it be?

Please help.

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Hi Jesse!
You’ve posted this under the F5 topic but I don’t see any relation. Did I miss something?

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