A customer feedback for our F5 product

A customer feedback for our F5 product


I had the pleasure listening to a customer telling us that Indeni is a great product because we’ve deep domain knowledge, I want to sincerely thank @Patrik_Jonsson and David for their great work.

Background: this customer has a number of SNMP monitoring tools along with Indeni. Despite that, they still need Indeni to provide extra in-depth support to their day to day operations.

Here’s a few scenarios they called out…

Automap enabled
They weren’t aware of this best practice so they really appreciated the notification from Indeni. The remediation step made it easy for them to follow the best practice.

License usage limit approaching
In their case, the affected license was SSL TPS with actual elements in use at 30k where the limit is 8k. They’re still investigating but they really liked the proactiveness of this metric.

Pool member/server response time high
They were able to associate the high response times coincide with their backup times. And they caught one incident where the response time was over 600 ms which was clearly not normal nor acceptable.

Pool member unavailable
Most of the time when that happens, it is not F5 fault, rather the problem was relating to the IP address of the server. With the new visibility, it provides the network, server & F5 team a proactive approach which was previously not possible.

Weak cipher used with SSL profiles
They investigated the issue and have since then fixed it! What more can we say…

Default Action on Service down used
They weren’t aware that “Action on Service Down” was set to none. Because F5 was not aware of the service down problem, a blank page was presented to end users causing bad user experience. If the pool was down, they would want to put the virtual server down so that “service temporarily unavailable” would be presented to the users instead. The remediation step for this issue was super helpful.

To summarize, they said that the combination of best practices, misconfigurations & recommendations makes Indeni a good product!

Well done and THANK YOU!


Amazing job @Patrik_Jonsson and David! Thank you for sharing this Ulrica, it’s great to see how Indeni is helping end-user be more efficient by supplementing already existing SNMP tools! Very cool!