Indeni and Application Security Manager (ASM)

Hi Patrik,

We know Indeni supports F5 LTM.

Can you please share your thoughts on how Indeni can work with ASM?
What have you seen in the field?

And while we are at it, if you can also cover the other F5 modules like AFM, APM
and GTM, that would be great.


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Actually, since ASM, AFM, APM and GTM shares the same foundation most Indeni scripts actually works right of the box. Regretably my experience with ASM is limited but I imagine indeni checking if signatures are up to date, actually testing if the servers hosting the signatures is reachable or if there’s undesired combinations of staged/blocking/non-blocking signatures. Indeni could also warn the user if signatures has been in blocking mode for more than X days.
As for APM Indeni could potentially verify active directory connectivity or perhaps track license usage.

The above things are just me brainstorming. :slight_smile:

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