May Member of the Month: Gautam Bothra

Originally published at: May Member of the Month: Gautam Bothra | Indeni

“It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight/ Risin’ up to the challenge of”…automation! Our May Member of the Month, Gautam Bothra, has earned this theme song after his involvement in crowdsourcing automation via Indeni Crowd…not to mention his love of tigers.

Many dedicated IT engineers have come from SunArc Technologies, a Singapore-based IT company. Engineers like Gautam and his colleague, Arun David Johnson (a previous Member of the Month) have benefitted from a being part of a community that is crowdsourcing network automation. As an Automation Engineer and a Developer, Gautam has found a natural home filled with like-minded people, “I turn to Indeni Crowd whenever I need help figuring out a [network automation] networking issue.”

The learning opportunities within the Indeni Crowd have been invaluable to Gautam. He constantly involves himself with things related to the Indeni Platform and specific networking devices, like the F5 discussions. His advice to IT newbies is to “always be a committed to learning”. In his time as an Automation Engineer and Developer, Gautam has learned C++, PHP, SQL, and Python. He was able to grow his Python knowledge through the Indeni Crowd Python Bootcamp reward he earned a few months ago.

As of one of the first individuals to join Indeni Crowd back in November, his wishlist has consistently called for more course-related rewards. His life-long goal, after all, is to be committed to learning. Indeni is happy to oblige, Gautam! In your honor, Indeni Crowd is happy to announce four more rewards related to professional development. One of those rewards is a course on communication, which is an area Gautam had identified as an extremely important skill for IT professionals to master. We hope to help empower our community to tackle any hurdle they might encounter.

The Indeni team was thrilled to hear Gautam say “the Indeni team is always so supportive. It’s one of the reasons I am involved in this community.” The goal is to help Gautam and all other IT professionals succeed, so it is great to hear it is working!

Join Gatuam and other IT professionals in Indeni Crowd forums and learning paths today.