Knowledge Request Example Post Template

Knowledge Request Example Post Template

This is an example of what we are looking for in each post:

First! - ^Select a Vendor OS tag above that applies to this^

1. What is the device type?

<Vendor, OS Version, and other deployment information that the issue pertains to>

2. What is the issue that you want to automate the detection/triage of?

<Explain the issue and how it impacts your business

3. How can the issue be diagnosed?

<Provide the commands(SSH, API, SNMP, …) that you use to troubleshoot the issue and example outputs. Provide details on what values are of interest in the output>

4. What are the Remediation Steps?

<Once the issue is detected, how would you resolve the issue>

5. Are there known ways to reproduce this issue?

<Explain how the issue can be reproduced in a lab situation