About the Knowledge Requests category. Read me first!

About the Knowledge Requests category. Read me first!


Welcome to the community where you can request knowledge additions to Indeni!

What is this category?

Indeni crowdsources the issues, commands (rules) and data points (metrics) to perform the wide variety of operations use cases across detection, triage and remediation of issues on security devices. This category is the online forum for Indeni Customers to request additional automation modules to be added to the database. It is through this agile, collaborative process of connecting the Security experts with highly talented developers that Indeni is able to learn ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ behavior, and turn the world’s tribal knowledge into re-useable code.

How it works

  • You must be an Indeni Customer to request knowledge. Contact us to purchase.
  • Once you complete the forum post, an Indeni expert will be notified to review your request
  • If the Indeni expert has follow up questions they will comment on the post, and also change the status to let you know where it is in the acceptance or development process.

What does each status mean?

  • New - Not yet reviewed by Indeni
  • Under consideration - An Indeni expert has been assigned and is reviewing info submitted
  • Accepted - Indeni has enough information and believe this use case is applicable to other Enterprise customers, therefore will add it to the development cue
  • In Progress - Automation Module is actively being developed
  • Declined - There is not enough information, or believe this is a use case that is not applicable to other Enterprise customers, therefore it will not be added at this time.
  • Done - Code has been submitted and will be available in next Indeni Security Automation Platform release

Write an excellent knowledge request:

- Example Post: https://community.indeni.com/t/knowledge-request-example-post-template/3659

Interested to see what happens after your request goes to in progress? See attached PDF. Have coding skills? Apply for Indeni Knowledge Development here.

Please Note: Any information that is entered into the knowledge request forum is open, and accessible by the public. Therefore please do not include any confidential information in your request. By submitting and commenting on requests you are acknowledging that Indeni is not responsible for the protection of this information. Learn more by reading the community terms of service.