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-Professional interests
-Favorite Animal
-Personal fun facts

Heyyyyyy. My favorite animal is Meeka.

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Hi! I'm Yoni. I love building things (like Indeni), my favorite animal is a dog and I'm a big fan of ice cream and McDonald's (but not the McDonald's ice cream, gives me stomach ache).

Hope we have many people enjoy our community and benefit from it!

echo Hello!

My name's Charles. I like making things from scratch - such as sheds. My favorite animals are dogs - particularly any species that have short legs. I am terrified of spiders, which makes building sheds very difficult.

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Hi, my name is Paul, and I'm a civ 'o-holic. Seriously, I can play 8-10 hour marathon sessions of CIV in one sitting. I also like playing builder games, like City Skylines. I enjoy helping people and fixing issues with networks and systems, and also like being challenged with difficult issues; so technical services is a great fit for me.

A fun personal fact:

I worked on a 1-800 Pyshic line, as a phone psyhic, in Highschool. It paid WAY better than the gas station I was working at before then, and also something I could do in my room while I channel surfed. Total score!

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PS: I'm a gif 'o-holic, too

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Howdy, my name is Ulrica. I'm passionate about solving customer problems and I love explaining complex technologies. My favourite animal is sea otter.

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Hi, I'm Hawkeye, live in San Rafael, CA, US with my wife, 18 mo. old son, and two cats. I'm a (new) IKE and a software engineer -- I know some things about writing code, much less about networking. So, I'm hoping to learn some new things and help out with coding and software process. I have held my breath for 7:02 in amateur freediving competition, but that was a while ago. I still love to dive, but these days, I mostly hold my son's hand, and I enjoy that very much :)


Hi, my name is David and I live in Royse City, TX. I enjoy riding my harley and playing guitar. I've been working in networking, firewall, Unix admin and Blue Coat area for 20+ years. I enjoy the challeges I encounter working in these areas which promotes learning. My favorite animal is my dog.

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I'm Patrik Jonsson, live in Stockholm, Sweden with my wife and two kids. I'm mostly active in the F5 community but also like scripting in general.

Spare time:

On my spare time I do far too much computing stuff

Favorite animal

Probably the cow. Especially grilled tenderloin.

Personal fun facts:

I once entered an AA meeting thinking that it was a meeting for people with an interest for Photography. Long story, buy me a beer and I might tell it. :)


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Hi all! I'm Liz Salemi and I love my role here at Indeni! I learn something crazy new every day from the interesting folks around the globe. I'm constantly sucked into the vortex of engineering discussions and I love it. My goal is to help others do the same! Errrr…not to help them get sucked into vortices…but rather to help them pick-up something new too.

My favorite colors are purple, turquoise and yes...I am digging on the Pantone color of the year, "Greenery". I have a two cats, Sweet Pea and Peaky, a dog named Butter and a Russian Tortoise named, "Rapunzel". All rescues. Oh, and I order food delivery way too much.

One of my fun facts is one that I also used when I applied at Indeni I think it got me the job!! ;) I have to use it again 'cause it's badass and it's pretty much the only thing worth bragging about in an intro. I can hit a 90mph fastball. It's true. I have two witnesses (not including myself).

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Hey, I am Deron. I am a new Indeni IKE and I live in Atlanta, GA. In the South we say “hey” and drink sweet tea. I am originally from Kansas, yes there are more than 10 people that live in Kansas. I grow up in a town of 300 people (300, not 300,00). I love sports; baseball (go Braves and Royals), football, snowboarding and golf. I am a network architect, specializing in IP/MPLS routing and VPNs with Juniper and Cisco platforms. I look forward to being able to contribute to the Indeni community.

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Hi everyone!

I'm Johnathan, and live in Stockholm, Sweden (Not far from Patrik)

My professional interest lies mainly with Check Point.

My favorite animal from the perspective of the most interesting one would be the Platypus. Did you know that it is the only mammal that lays eggs? And one of only two mammals that arepoisonous. And then we haven't even mentioned that it has the mouth of a duck, and the tail of a beaver. Indeed a special animal.

In my spare time I like to do rock climbing and I often which I had more time to play an ancient chinese board game called "Go"

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Hello, I was a network architect for a couple of Fortune 150 companies over the past 20+ years. Now a senior consultant at a VAR in Southern California. Have worked the entire stack from on premise servers, networking, security, etc. and into the cloud now - particularly interested in security in the cloud these days, working with Palo Alto in Azure and AWS.My wife and I live in Riverside, California with our four dogs and now five cats - dogs and cats living together! – mass hysteria. The dogs are two australian shepherds, a border collie, and a german shepherd. All herding dogs but they are smart and know that the cats are not for herding. The dogs are my favorite, though I also help to look after a fluctuating number of thoroughbred horses as well.


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Hi everyone!

I'm Connick, and I live in Santa Cruz, CA. I am currently a Computer Science student at UC Santa Cruz, and grew up immersed in network-related technology (my dad is a network architect).

During my free time I love to take photos, ride bikes (both road and mountain), talk about cars / motorcycles, and experiment with new software that I find on the Internet.

I love my cat (Delano) back at home (and I like dogs too). My favorite color is blue.

I'm really looking forward to learning a lot from this opportunity as well as contributing to the team!



I'm Subhashini Barthwal, living in India with my Parents. I am a creative & technical enthu soul who is fascinated for new learnings. Writing is in blood and I write a lot.

Spare time:

On my spare time I do learn new technologies, for now Data Science is soemthing which is on my mind. I do Write Poems & Rhymes (The Romantic Ones)

Professional Interest:

Digital Marketing Manager, Planning & Marketing Strategist, SEO Analyst/Architect, Webmaster Enthusiast, Analytics Geek, Blogger, Web & Tech Writer, Hybrid of Coder & Marketer, Lead Generator

Favorite animal:

I'm an animal lover specially the Dog. I prefer to adopt street dogs rather than buy from a shop.

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Hello, I am an Information Security Analyst. I am working on my CISSP as well as learning to use more security tools to help my customers. My favorite animal is a wolf. In my spare time I enjoy reading cyber security books, playing with computers, and spending time with my family.

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Hi I’m Adam. After a military career spent being a water treatment specialist I longed for a change. When deciding my next career move my brother suggested I give networking a try. After 4 years of doing networking on the military side I finally got a job as an entry level network administrator. Being in the military you get to see the good and the crazy challenges networking can have.

I’m starting to really develop an interest in virtualization and the cloud and how that ties in to routing and switching. I truly can say that I love configuring routers and switches and is even more amazing how I think of data centers and enterprise systems.

I recently read an article on big data that basically stated an example of a pedabyte and how much information that was. To me it is fascinating how our need for information helps drive this world forward. Remember when you were a kid and had two cans tied with a string and you talked in to it and could hear each other ? Remember Early cellphones ? Remember radio waves and learning you could transmit a picture via radio waves. Now think satellites they are essentially a big radio. Now think woah where is all this information stored. For me making end to end communications work is awesome - it can be stressful but when you have moments when you feel like a kid and have that ah ha moment of NOW it’s working - that’s how you know you have found one of your passions in life.


Hi my name is Cindy it's nice to meet you all

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I am known as a creep because I talk to anyone that I meet. I do have sense of humor and strangers took it seriously.

Hello Indeni Crowd,

My name is Vasileios Bouloukos and I live in the wonderful Athens, Greece. I am passionate with the IT and Network Technologies. I have obtain ~25 Certifications from known vendors, most of these are related to IT and one of my personal goals is to reach the one hundred certs till my retirement :-)

I am proud of being a member of Indeni and contributing to the development of the Indeni product. I am sure that this product will penetrate heavily in the market making the life of the IT engineers and IT Managers much easier and less stressful!

Regarding my favorite animal…I will not mention but I will describe it. The first correct response will win a virtual coffee with me during the summer. The background will be from my country house found to the marvelous Paros Island and with the view of the Aegean Sea :-)

It appears to the Homer’s Odyssey and its name is Argos.

“Argos used to be known for his speed and strength and his superior tracking skills. Unlike everyone else, including Eumaios, a lifelong friend, Argos recognizes Odysseus at once and he has just enough strength to drop his ears and wag his tail but cannot get up to greet his master. Unable to greet his pet, as this would betray who he really was, Odysseus passes by (but not without shedding a tear) and enters his hall, and Argos dies."

PS: Please don’t use google to find the answer! Sometimes is useful to think :-)