Ask Me Anything on Indeni 6.0

Ask Me Anything on Indeni 6.0

Share your questions, comments or concerns with the Crowd around your recent 6.0 download. The more detail you can add, the better!

Ohhh, providing UX feedback. Did christmas come early?? :)

This thread will probably be more towards potential improvements so let me start off with saying how gorgeous the new version is. Kudos!

Second feedback could be to allow easier filtering by adding input boxes to the columns for quickly accessible free text filtering. Combine this with sorting icons and it'd be awesome.

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Add a way to manage the SSL certificate via the Web UI to make it easier for Indeni administrators to set up a secure environment.

Change the link of the logout button to the users profile and add a dedicated link for logging out that states "Log out" with text. Also move it to the upper right corner (I think that's some sort of defacto standard?).Image titleImage title

Hover a text onmouseover on all icons stating what would happen when you click on them. The mail icon in the upper right corner does not seem to do anything in the lab environment and it's driving me nuts that I can't figure out what it's for!

Some content does not seem to be compressed (or minified).

Likely this is not a problem in many cases as indeni would likely be hosted locally. But when loading the inteface from Sweden it was definitely noticeable with the 1.1.js (3.1 MB):

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By minifying it went down to slightly over 1.1MB and compression around 600kb. Adding all these together the initial page load after login could theoretically be shaved down to 6 seconds from 20. :)

I also noticed that apparent static content had cache-headers with max-age=0, if they really are static a max-age of a few minutes on some of them might also decrease average page load while keeping content fairly dynamic between system upgrades?

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I would like mouse over descriptions for the left hand menu icons

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In our environment we create individual SSH key pairs for each device. When adding the device into Indeni we put in the private key.

However in v6 it seems you need to pre-define all login credentials.

Starting at the alert section:

--How to add a device in v5

Click add device

Click new

Fill in hostname, IP, username and private key.



--How to add a device in v6

Go to devices on the left hand side

Click New

Get error - no credential set.

Click to go to credentials sets

Click new credential set

Select SSH private key

put in username and SSH private key

Click on devices on the left hand side

Click new

Click New again in the new window

Fill in name and IP

Start to wonder, where do I specify which credential from the credential store to use?

Close window, go back to credential sets

Guess that you need to add the IP as well there to make it understand which credential to use?

Somewhere here i stopped : )

In this window you are not using the human readable metrics for os.version and vendor.

We store that data both in tags which looks like "gaia", "checkpoint" but also in
writeComplexMetricStringWithLiveConfig("vendor", null, "Check Point", " Overview")
writeComplexMetricStringWithLiveConfig("os-name", null, osName, " Overview")

These might be nicer to look at if a human wants to read them,

I removed the credential set I had when I added the device in my lab. Suddenly an alert "Device is not responding".

We can be pretty sure that the issue is due to incorrect credentials, but why is the error message not better?

While having the alert that device is not responding. If I go the "device" section all look good.

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Not sure how to make changes to a device. How do I change which credentials it should use? What if I need to clear the SSH fingerprint cache?

Allowing the user to specify CORS settings for the API could enable some cool integrations?

When I run the indeni vm I get the following error: while converting to a virtual machine: SHA1 digest of file indeni-server.ova.ovf does not match manifest. I've tried VMware workstation 14 or VMware player 12.5 and same error. Please advise.

I think it'd make sense if clicking on the indeni logo would take you to the home screen.


More pre-caching would make the site snappier too.

Loading the alert screen from Sweden takes 11.5 seconds. Precaching the parts of the site that the user visits most frequently would help a lot here (and compressing the Json).

Also, it looks like all of the alerts is loaded when clicking around in the alert screen? Could pagination be an option here? Usually users would only want to see the most recent alerts so loading the first, or first two pages might be faster?


The global text filter in the current alerts section seems to require users to choose something from a dropdown list. A few suggestions on this one:

  1. Allow users to enter text and do a free text search on all of the matching alerts (this did not work for me just now)
  2. Make the dropdown list a bit wider
  3. If you allow users to choose from the dropdown, making it a multiple select might make it more usable.
  4. Perhaps adding check boxes in the multiple select and/or an Apply button as contrary to CTRL + Left click?

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Today, we are announcing the general availability of Release 6.0.1. We’re delivering performance and scalability improvements with a number of important features to improve the supportability of the product. For device support, we added alerts for Check Point 61K appliances and Check Point IPSO. There are also a number of enhancements for F5 Local Traffic Manager.

Please see our release notes here for more information:

Any time you’ve questions, we are here to answer your questions.


Is there any tutorial documentation/video which would guide me to setup Indeni for my virtual networks on GNS3.



When searching for an alert which name is too long I'd love to see a popup with the name when hovering. Sort of like the image alt text. Image title

When clicking on "Current" under Alerts the Show Resolved Alerts is defaulting to enabled, but the other filters are kept intact. Personally I'd prefer if that the state of that checkbox was also preserved. What do you think?