2018 Palo Alto Networks Automation Trends Results Are In

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Nearly every organization has automation as a top priority in 2018, including Palo Alto Networks end users. In an effort to support current and new business initiatives, IT professionals are looking for ways to reduce errors in day to day operations. Selecting which version of hardware and software to deploy from your top vendors is just one of many decisions IT professionals need to make. See below for the key findings from the Palo Alto Networks Customer base using Indeni Insight. To dive deeper into each of our findings and recommendations download the full Palo Alto Networks Automation Trends 2018 Report. Our hope is that these findings will inform your decisions of where to improve your infrastructure health.

If you are a current Palo Alto Networks customers or considering deploying Palo Alto Networks Devices this is for you.

After we analyzed the results of the survey, we saw three main findings related to Palo Alto Networks:

1. The most commonly used appliance is the 5000 series (66%)


2. 35% of users are running software version 8.0 and later, while 65% are still using earlier versions.


3. Palo Alto Users are migrating to Virtual Machines (2.8%)​.

Regardless of hardware or software in use, 43% of issues uncovered in Palo Alto Networks Environments could be avoided with proactive care by IT professionals. Proactively implementing security, compliance and vendor best practices early in the lifecycle of the device will reduce risk and increase the value of Palo Alto Networks solutions. By using Indeni, Palo Alto Networks customers can proactively identify issues at setup, ensure the latest innovations are applied, and reduce the risk of future outages. For full information on the results download the full Palo Alto Networks Automation Trends Report.

Whether it’s a migration, firefighting or elevating your environment to gold standards, we could all use a little help from our [expert] friends. Get the most out of your Palo Alto Networks investment by leveraging Indeni to automatically apply crowdsourced best practices to your devices.

Dive into Indeni Crowd, a community of certified IT professionals aligning to crowdsource these best practices. Ask questions, provide your expertise and earn rewards for your contributions. Take the first step by providing your feedback on this report in the Indeni Crowd Palo Alto Networks Discussion forum.

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