High CPU Usage per Chassis and Blade-checkpoint-secureplatform (2)

High CPU Usage per Chassis and Blade-checkpoint-secureplatform Vendor: checkpoint OS: secureplatform Description: indeni will trigger an issue when CPU usage per chassis and blade is high. Remediation Steps: Determ…

Core dump files found-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform,ipso (2)

Core dump files found-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform,ipso Vendor: checkpoint OS: gaia,secureplatform,ipso Description: A core dump is created when a process crashes. Indeni will alert when a core dump file is created…

Critical process(es) down-checkpoint-gaia (2)

Critical process(es) down-checkpoint-gaia Vendor: checkpoint OS: gaia Description: Many devices have critical processes, usually daemons, that must be up for certain functions to work. Indeni will alert if any of the…

Aggressive Aging enabled-checkpoint-False (1)
High CPU usage per core(s)-checkpoint-False (1)
Hardware end of support nearing-checkpoint-False (1)
Software end of support nearing-checkpoint-False (1)
Contract(s) has expired-checkpoint-False (1)
Drastic drop in concurrent connections-checkpoint-False (1)
OS version mismatch across cluster members-checkpoint-False (1)
Integration with identity/AAA server down-checkpoint-gaia (1)
Permanent/Monitored VPN tunnel(s) down-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform (1)
Certificate(s) expiration nearing-checkpoint-gaia (1)
BGP peer(s) down-checkpoint-gaia,ipso (1)
Management service down (Non-Virtual)-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform (1)
Bond/LACP slave interface down-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform (1)
SNMPv2c/v1 used-checkpoint-secureplatform (1)
SmartEvent log handling too slow-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform (1)
Hotfixes installed do not match requirement-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform,ipso (1)
Radius servers configured do not match requirement-checkpoint-secureplatform (1)
Next hop inaccessible-checkpoint-secureplatform (1)
Network port(s) down-checkpoint-ipso (1)
Core dump files found-checkpoint-gaia-embedded (1)
Host missing from hosts file-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform,gaia-embedded,ipso (1)
In CoreXL a single core shouldn't handle both interface interrupts and fw worker-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform (1)
Bond Operating Without Sufficient Slave Interfaces-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform (1)
Certificate(s) expiration nearing-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform (1)
Certificate(s) has expired-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform (1)
Network port(s) down-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform (1)
Configuration Mismatch (Check Point Gaia)-checkpoint-gaia,ipso (1)