Hardware element down-checkpoint-all

Hardware element down-checkpoint-all

Hardware element down-checkpoint-all

Vendor: checkpoint

OS: all

Alert if any hardware elements are not operating correctly.

Remediation Steps:
Troubleshoot the hardware element as soon as possible.


name: chkp-asg-hw_monitor
description: Collect hardware component status across all 61k chassis's
type: monitoring
monitoring_interval: 2 minutes
    vendor: checkpoint
    asg: true
        skip-documentation: true
        skip-documentation: true
        skip-documentation: true
-   run:
        type: SSH
        command: ${nice-path} -n 15 asg stat -i local_id && ${nice-path} -n 15 asg
        type: AWK
        file: asg-hw_monitor.parser.1.awk


// Deprecation warning : Scala template-based rules are deprecated. Please use YAML format rules instead.

package com.indeni.server.rules.library.templatebased.crossvendor

import com.indeni.server.rules.RuleContext
import com.indeni.server.rules.library.templates.StateDownTemplateRule
import com.indeni.server.rules.RemediationStepCondition

case class cross_vendor_hardware_element_status() extends StateDownTemplateRule(
  ruleName = "cross_vendor_hardware_element_status",
  ruleFriendlyName = "All Devices: Hardware element down",
  ruleDescription = "Alert if any hardware elements are not operating correctly.",
  metricName = "hardware-element-status",
  applicableMetricTag = "name",
  alertItemsHeader = "Hardware Elements Affected",
  alertDescription = "The hardware elements listed below are not operating correctly.",
  baseRemediationText = "Troubleshoot the hardware element as soon as possible.")(
  RemediationStepCondition.VENDOR_CISCO ->
    """|While the port may be in up status, the link quality might be degraded and is not between the threshold levels. Check the following to troubleshoot this issue.
       |1.	Run the “show interface transceiver detailed” NX-OS command to display information about the transceivers connected to a specific interface. Besides, this NX-OS command output provides information about the Cisco SFP Product ID (PID). NOTE: In case that have been used 3rd party SFPs it is possible to get an Indeni alert because the current light signal is different than the recommended min/max thresholds defined by Cisco.
       |2.	Use the “show interface transceiver calibrations” NX-OS command to display calibration information for the transceiver interfaces.
       |3.	Consider to enable DOM (if supported). Digital Optical Monitoring or DOM is an industry wide standard, intended to define a SFP to access real-time operating parameters such as Tx power, Rx power etc. More details can be found below: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/interfaces_modules/transceiver_modules/compatibility/matrix/DOM_matrix.html
       |4.	Cisco has published official specifications (Rx, Tx power level etc) per transceiver category and can be found at the following link:
  RemediationStepCondition.VENDOR_FORTINET ->
      |1. Login via ssh to the Fortinet firewall and run the FortiOS command "exec sensor list" to review the status of the hardware components and temperature
      |>>> thresholds. When the flag to the command output is set to 0, the component is working correctly and when flag is set to 1, the component has a problem.
      |>>> The FortiOS command "execute sensor detail" will show extra information such as the low/high thresholds. More details can be found here:
      |>>> http://kb.fortinet.com/kb/viewContent.do?externalId=FD36793&sliceId=1
      |2. Consider running the fotrinet hardware diagnostics commands. While they do not detect all hardware malfunctions, tests for the most common hardware
      |>>> problems are performed. More details can be found here:
      |- http://kb.fortinet.com/kb/viewContent.do?externalId=FD39581&sliceId=1
      |- http://kb.fortinet.com/kb/documentLink.do?externalID=FD34745
      |3. It is recommended that any failed fan or power supply unit should be replaced immediately.
      |4. The cooling system for the devices should be installed to avoid overheat.
      |5. If the problem persists, contact Fortinet Technical support at https://support.fortinet.com/ for further assistance.""".stripMargin.replaceAll("\n>>>", "")