Yonny or Laurel

@Yoni_Leitersdorf - Yoni, I’d like to get your feedback on this. Which side are you on? I’m wondering if Indeni folks mostly hear Yonny due to their conditioning. https://www.reviewjournal.com/news/nation-and-world/listen-to-audio-clip-some-hear-yanny-others-hear-laurel/

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Hahaha, I hear Yanny :slight_smile:

Wondering what others at the company hear.

Whaaat! I definitely hear Laurel! @Katie_Burton @Max_Tuvshinbayar thoughts?

So I hear Yonny and I looked into it. The real answer is … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDiXQl7grPQ

I don’t want to share the answer here just in case someone else wants to try it. (:

Honestly, I just hear Ulrica…not sure if that’s correct or not :slight_smile:

@Max_Tuvshinbayar nice explanation, here’s one that goes a bit more in depth that is also interesting: https://youtu.be/Q3qYwK1MPf4