where shall I look for used cisco routers/switches ???

where shall I look for used cisco routers/switches ???


Hello all,

I am wishing to setup an affordable home lab for CCNP training purposes.
I have been searching online for lot of switches/routers on sites such as ali express, souq etc. But there are expensive equipments over there. I wish to purchase second hand equipment to setup a cheap home lab. Does anybody here know where shall I look for used cisco routers/switches as I have searched the computer market but they also say they don’t store used equipment.

Please help

I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

Thank you.


Hello Noel! I would check out GNS3 academy for CCNP training: https://academy.gns3.com/p/cisco-ccnp-route-300-101-the-complete-course. You will need to get the VIRL package for equipment emulators, but looks like it would be cheaper than buying the equipment: https://learningnetworkstore.cisco.com/virtual-internet-routing-lab-virl


I would agree with Paul.

However, if you are fan of using real network devices you can try the option of Rack Rental.
I have used the INE (ine.com) to study for my CCIE. I see that they offer rack rental options also for CCNA/CCNP.
For more info check the links below:

The offered training material by INE is also very good and I would recommend it for your training material.

Finally, if you search to the web you may find the CISCO IOU. It offers Routing/Switching emulation features. It is a fully working version of IOS that runs as a user mode UNIX (Solaris) process. One key advantage that Cisco IOU has is that it does not require as much resources as GNS3 and VIRL would require. However usage of Cisco IOU is potentially a legal gray area.


Hy Noel !
I would agree with you guys, I suggest using gns3 or eve-ng for preparing for CCNA and CCNP exams or you can buy some used cisco equipement.


Thanks for sharing, Ayman! This is great info!


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Have you tried EVE-NG yet. A greatest simulation for lots of platforms.