What is your favorite Cisco Nexus feature?

What is your favorite Cisco Nexus feature?

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Regarding the NX-OS features, I like the Embedded Python scripting and the integrated Ethanalyzer protocol analyzer tool based on the Wireshark!

Both are very useful for automation and troubleshooting!

From NX-OS technologies features I love Cisco Data Center technologies like OTV. I really like these technologies because a routing protocol (IS-IS) is used to propagate the L2/MAC information!

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I am fascinated also from the powerful linux features and capabilities embedded to NX-OS.
• It offers Bash option so you can access the underlying Linux system on the device and manage the system by running your favorite linux commands!
• Supports a guest shell that provides Bash access into a 64-bit Linux execution space on the host system that is decoupled from the host Cisco. With the guest shell you can add your favorite software packages like nmap and iperf and without impacting the host system software.

NX-OS features - python!