What commands do you execute?

What commands do you execute?


Hi Vasilis,

I have tested the Nexus coverage on Indeni and I am fascinated with the offered analysis and alarms. What are the NX-OS commands executed by Indeni to each Nexus switch? How can I track the NX-OS commands executed by Indeni at a nexus switch?


Hi Dustin,

You can easily keep track of the commands executed to a Nexus switch from either a user or Indeni with the next two options:

  • Configure to log all the commands to a Syslog server and search by IP or user (these used for Indeni)
  • Searching the output of the show accounting log all command. This is the quickest method to see the commands executed by all the users (like indeni user) The show accounting log all command provides detailed information regarding the date, the user and the IP address of the user connected to the Nexus and run the show ver command.

NOTE: In Release 5.x and later you can enable or disable logging all command in the accounting log "all" commands (not just the config but also the show commands) when you configure "terminal log-all". Most of the Nexus deployments should have at least Nexus 5.x release which supports this command, otherwise you work with a real old NX-OS version, take care :slight_smile: