What are the best templates to use for IT runbooks?

What are the best templates to use for IT runbooks?


In the recent Network Security Automation Report, survey respondents said runbooks are created in collaboration with engineering, IT operations, vendors, and managed service providers. The bulk of the documentation created by Operations and then Engineering.

I’d like to offer free, simple templates for Indeni Crowd members around IKL. Do you have any templates that you use or that your clients like to use as a starting point? What is the best format Word document, Spreadsheet, etc.?


Slightly outdated but here is a great example of someone creating a runbook around keeping config files in check - http://onenetworkguy.com/2016/05/17/git-for-network-engineers/?utm_sq=fpd83dfpk1

"If you’ve been in network engineering for a long time you may be what is considered a “wealth of knowledge” or a “benevolent configuration overlord” at your company. Someone who other engineers seek out to understand the history of a particular environment. How nice would it be if you could track your entire thought process of establishing and maintaining that environment? "

All credits to Brian Ong!