"Watch" that cluster failover!

"Watch" that cluster failover!


Brand new here and wanted to throw something out off the top of my head to get in the habbit of daily posting / answering.

Whenever I am administratively failing a cluster over, I open a dedicated PuTTy session, and run 'watch -n 1 cphaprob stat' ('-n 1' runs the command every 1 second. Default, no flags, will run it every 2 seconds).

Then, on a seperate PuTTy session, fail the cluster over. On the dedicated 'watch' PuTTy session, I can instantly see my cluster fail over.

You have to run this combo from Expert.

Nice tip Mike!

Nice. Looking forward to more tip bits...

oooooh...AND...if you put a -d in the the command, you will see highlights of anything that has changed in the watch output.

watch -n 1 -d cphaprob stat

-d comes in hand a lot when using watch. Thanks Mike...super helpful. Welcome to the forums!