View metrics from the indeni database

View metrics from the indeni database

Is there any way to check the results from indeni scripts over time in the Postgres database?

I am investigating an alert that keeps on flapping and could see from the collector log that 1 metric was pulled from the devices when in reality none should have been returned.



The metrics that are generated by the scripts are kept in memory in a Time Series DB.

A similar issue was answered on the forum for the Topic: "Getting data from the metric DB"

There is also reference to this on

I will add to answer that we are developing this capability and it will be avilable in 2018 Q1. We are adding infrastracture that will allow you to query our DB (will be cassandra) to get the collected metric over time in diffrent resultion (minute, hourly, daily). Once this feature will be ready we will create a blog post around it

Just a note that I'm pretty sure the Postgres db doesn't hold any of the metrics. See this thread in case you missed it: Explains that the metrics db is in-memory with (partial?) file store backing. Just pointing this out since I was digging around in the Postgres db for metrics, to no avail :)