Using output and logs from customers on public sites

Using output and logs from customers on public sites

Everytime that I need to report an issue from a customer site, I am faced with the challenge of what information from the output or logs that I colected can be presented on public sites (such as this one).

For small snipets of data, I obfuscate the IPs (i.e. replace them with random IPs) and manually erase/replace any data that it customer specific. However, I have not found an efficient way to do that for larger amunts of data.

Do you have any experience with this issue either as the person that needs to submit data to a vendor or as someone who needed to get similar information from somone else?

Obfuscating IPs could probably be done easy with a script. However it is important not to change all IPs to the same, as that might cause the script you are testing against the input to fail. Best would be to have a script that replaces all occurences of for example with another IP, so is always replaced with the same.

But for names and other company information I would say it is harder.