Specific port required for HTTPS access

Specific port required for HTTPS access


Ran into an issue with a IND script that uses HTTPS to the device. The device requires a special port number other than tcp/443 access the device via HTTPS. I'm not sure where in the script to add the specific port number for the script to use.

Where is the example below would I place the port number to be used?

Example script name device-cpu-statistics.ind

url: "/Diagnostics/CPU/Statistics?stats_mode=0"
protocol: HTTPS


As I recall, the special admin port is built into the platform and there is no need to specify this in the IND scripts.

If you are having issues connecting, you can do the following tests:

  1. If you have a firewall seperating Indeni and the BC device, view fw logs. Is it opened on the firewall?
  2. If telnet is enabled, can you telnet to it from the Indeni server over port 8082?
  3. scp sysinfo.out off indeni server and review output and test https access to Blue Coat from Indeni Server:
curl -k --user admin -o /tmp/sysinfo.out https://<bluecoatproxysgIP>:8082/sysinfo



Can you try changing the url as follow:

url: ":8082/Diagnostics/CPU/Statistics?stats_mode=0" 


We identify the issue and we created a task to address it (IS-2929). I'll update once we will start working on this.


new command-runner is avilable here:



I think information got lost in translation here. Last status was that Julia asked me to check if the props was loaded, and they were. Neither command-runner nor the scripts using indeni server worked though.



@Julia_Elikhis @Alon_Ashkenazi next steps so we can troubleshoot?


@Alon_Ashkenazi @Julia_Elikhis @Patrik_Jonsson Ping again. Next step? Would like to see this working.


I am waiting for an answer myself. :slight_smile:


Hi @Patrik_Jonsson,
Did you get any error when running with command-runner? Maybe something like “Http response for port 8082 failed with status:…” or “No ports are configured”?
Is there an access log for the HTTP server on Blue Coat? We can check there is indeni-collector is reaching the HTTP server.

What is the indication that the IND is not working? Do you get and error, or the returned metrics are empty?


Correct, no metrics was returned. There’s a Bluecoat device in the lab. Maybe you guys can look into it?


No problem, I’ll look into it.


Hi Patrik, we investigated this issue and it looks like the collector is using properly the configured HTTPS port, but the HTTPS response throws an error, a seen on interrogation (401). Are you using a BC device that is in our lab?

@Patrik_Jonsson @Shouky_Dan


I’m not, but maybe Daniel is. I will ping him on slack.


@Patrik_Jonsson This is working now. Our QA tested this successfully!