Setting up cold standby

Setting up cold standby


We have a couple of Indeni servers (version we want to work in a Primary/Cold Standby setup. On the primary server I run ‘imanage’ and select ‘8) Set Cold Standby server’. Enter ip-address of the other server and the password for the ‘indeni’ user. However, it fails:

Please enter passive server ip:
Please enter passive server password:
Invalid/incorrect password: Warning: Permanently added '' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
Permission denied, please try again.

There are firewalls between the two Indeni servers and I see successful SSH communication.

What gives? (What password to use?)


Hi @mikejac,
The password should be whatever is used to SSH into the secondary Indeni instance. Any chance that the password was modified?

Hi @Charles_Kim,

I use the same password as when SSHing…

Note: the password contains an # - wonder if that’s the problem. I’ll try changing the password.


Yup, that was it. So ‘imanage’ can’t handle passwords which contains #-signs.