SelectTagsExpression to scopableStringFormatExpression


I’m currently modifying a rule to add the software version to the alert header.
I’ve figured out how I can find the software version using

val osInfo = SelectTagsExpression(context.metaDao, Set(“”, “os.version”), True)

I do not however know how to present this in a string. I want to add it to the scopableStringFormatExpression.

scopableStringFormatExpression(“The end of support for the software on this device is on %s - %s.”, doubleToDateExpression(actualValue), osInfo),

Not sure however to extract the actual information from the Expression

Hi Joakim,
Are you trying to add secondary data to the alert? If so, you can use this method:
withSecondaryInfo(headline: Expression[String],
description: Expression[String],
title: String,
invisibleIdKeys: Set[InvisibleScopeKey] = Set())

Hi Julia

The issue here was that I wanted some info from metaDao.
I could get the data using a SelectTagsExpression, but I have no idea on how to actually present the values in
my osInfo expression in a string format.

I tried adding this in a StatusTreeExpression but that road is long, dark and scary