Script polling intervals and SSH connection.

We have scripts with different polling intervals and use SSH connection to devices.

Question here is that Indeni server perform ssh connections for each scripts to get information from a device ? If yes, there are lots of ssh connection open/close happened and what's the sequence of scripts polling ? Based on severity ?

If not, what's Indeni polling logic ?


James Cho

I think Yoni mentioned that connections are re-used. So another script can continue from the same shell that a previous script used finished using.

Then do we just keep a ssh session alive ? From my understing, most company security policy doesn't allow the sessions opened long time from outside.

ssh connections are opened for 30 minutes and used to run all of the commands to the specific device.

If the 1st connection is busy running a command than a 2nd one might be opened to run additional commands. At the end of 30 minutes, the sessions are closed gracefully (e.g. 'exit', 'quit') and a new connection is opened.