Rules on slow FA connections

Rules on slow FA connections

Rule raises warning for slow Fa infterface speed, suggesting 1Gbps. Fa supports max of 100Mbps. Can the rule be modified to take into account interface type before alerting user?

We'll have a rule writer look at this. If we collect a metric for max speed per interface, The rule could be modified. cross_vendor_network_port_speed_low

I don't remember if the show interface command actually provides the max speed of the interface. Do you or know?

This is what our IND script parses. Interesting choice, but for interface speed, we search in "x" in "xEthernet1/0/1" and if x=fast, speed = 100M. I may be looking at the wrong one.

if ( line ~ /[D|d]uplex/ ) {
# Extract duplex
duplex = trim(field[1]);
gsub(/,/, "", duplex);
#sub(/-[D|d]uplex/, "", duplex);

metric_tags["im.dstype.displayType"] = ""
writeComplexMetricString("network-interface-duplex", metric_tags, duplex)

# Extract speed
split(line, sp, ",");
speed = trim(sp[2]);
gsub(/,/, "", speed)

metric_tags["im.dstype.displayType"] = ""

if (interface ~ /[Ff]ast/) { speed = "100M"}
if (interface ~ /[Gg]iga/) { speed = "1G"}
if (interface ~ /[Tt]en/) { speed = "10G"}
if (interface ~ /[Ff]or/) { speed = "40G"}
if (interface ~ /[Hh]un/) { speed = "100G"}

writeComplexMetricString("network-interface-speed", metric_tags, speed)



If this is how we parse for the current interface speed, then we should parse that data as a metric "interface-maximum-speed" instead. There are several other values we can look at to parse metric "network-interface-speed" for current configuration and change the alert to "Interface is configured at a lower speed than maximum".