Release Notes 6.5.1

Release Notes 6.5.1

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From 2019, Indeni Insight is mandatory in every Indeni installation. Indeni Insight is a cloud-based service that verifies Indeni best practices are in place and notifies you of urgent vulnerabilities. Indeni Insight sends non-confidential data from your Indeni instance to our cloud database.


New features:

  • [FRONT-1508] -Insight – making insight compulsory start Jan 1, 2019
  • [FRONT-1620] – Improved Bytes transmitted/received analytics graph
  • [IS-3728] – Expose the metric type and display-type via all APIs
  • [IS-3770] – Add an API for license usage
  • [FRONT-1679] – EULA + insight mandatory missing on audit log
  • [FRONT-1530] – Cooldown – issue must have an indication in the GUI that issue is in a “Cooldown/Resolved” sate.
  • [FRONT-1623] – new license page
  • [FRONT-1661] – Backup – Make warning icons clickable for more info
  • [FRONT-1673] – Ability to export audit log

Bugs fix:

  • [IS-2735] – AWK extension for date and datetime parsing relies on the JVM Timezone
  • [IS-3687] – [SNMP-V3] trap message don’t send to an agent
  • [IS-3715] – VpnTunnelIsDownNonVsxRule is generating issues for VSX devices
  • [IS-3779] – Privileged backup script failed for a device with no privileged monitoring script
  • [IS-3780] – Missing Regulatory Compliance as a rule category
  • Device screen:
    • [FRONT-1724] – Device Screen – backup status is shown as SUCCESS while Backup shows “Errors: Script failed, possibly due to timeout”
    • [FRONT-1726] – Device screen – incorrect sorting by issue severity (Critical/Error)
    • [FRONT-1674] – Devices Screen – item list in the left pane should be sorted
    • [FRONT-1756] – Device Screen – handle read-only user
  • Audit log:
    • [FRONT-1664] – Rename “Client Ip” to “Client IP” in Audit log screen
    • [FRONT-1678] – Device name is empty on audit log
    • [FRONT-1686] – Audit log – client IP is not saved right
  • [FRONT-1801] – Backup zip download exhausts server memory
  • [FRONT-1813] – fix schedule report not working
  • [FRONT-1851] – Cognito – Migration of users got error after move from 6.3 to 6.5.0


New features:

  • [IS-3527] – Support SSH enable mode