Release Notes 6.4.5

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See below for the detailed notes for 6.4.5. Customers head over to the Indeni Forum within Indeni Crowd to join the conversation around these capabilities. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.

This version is mostly around improve our infrastructure in order to support more connected devices to a single indeni instance. Starting this version Indeni can support up to 400 connected devices.

The hardware requirements to run Indeni with 400 connected devices are:

  • 64GB of RAM
  • 32 cores
  • SSD which that supports at least 3000 IO operations per second



New features:

  • IS-3612 - RRD uses too many IOPS and causes the Server memory to increase
  • IS-3485 - Fix Server Memory issue
  • IS-3453 - Change Backup Schedules api to return next execution time and
  • IS-3459 Remove system backup from server

Bug Fixes:

  • IS-3435 Suspended device is not resuming for over 5 days
  • IS-3413 - HTML in emails is malformed
  • IS-3443 - HTTP client fails to handle a bulk of messages
  • IS-3436 - Backup start although the device is suspended