R80.10 Management and SIEM Integrations


After R80.10 OPSEC and Syslog are not working as they were in R77.30.

I've looked into CPLogSyslog but I havent been able to make it work correctly, also the SmartEvent server from where I'm generating the logs starts hitting above 90% when activated.

How are you guys working with this ?


Can you expand on the “not working” statement?

CPLogToSyslog has been replaced with a cleaner solution simply named - “Logs Exporter.” This might make life a bit easier for dumping CP logs into a syslog solution.

You might also want to post this question over to Check Point’s user community as well.


OPSEC wont connect anymore and Syslog isnt getting parsed.

But you have posted the solution, Log Exporter is exactly what Im looking for.