Provide direct access to the Indeni Crowd via the Indeni - Customize Indeni main page

I was thinking that it would be useful to provide direct access to the Indeni Crowd community via the Indeni platform.

In particular, the indeni main page could have a small space to the right corner which will view e.g. the 5 most recent or popular header’s coversation of the Indeni crowd. The user could get direct access to the community by pressing any of these links. So, it would be easier for the user to ask a question, a new feature or to troubleshoot a problem via the community.

Besides, the indeni crowd top coversation list could be updated based on the page that the users browses. For instance, if a user checks the live config of Nexus then the Indeni Crowd to illustrate the top-5 relevant to Nexus posts.

Besides, it would be also useful to make the Indeni main page customized and the user to select which tabs to view.

What do you think?

Hi, @Ulrica_de_Fort-Menar

Please see Vasileios suggestion.

I think it’s an interesting proposition!

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I just created FRONT-1191 to track this.