Problem to connect from indeni to a CHKP device

Problem to connect from indeni to a CHKP device

This one has me baffled :(

indeni was monitoring an R80.10 Gateway when the connection between the two devices stopped to work leading to a "Device not responding" alert.

  1. indeni and the GW are on the same subnet.
  2. Ping and ssh from indeni to the GW's Mgmt interface is failing.
  3. Ping and ssh from the GW to indeni works fine.
  4. ssh from indeni to another IP on the GW succeeds.
  5. The CHKP Tracker didn't show any drops between indeni and the GW when attempting connections to the Mgmt interface
  6. tcpdump on indeni showed that the connection process to the Mgmt interface did not get beyond attempts of ARP resolution
  7. There is evidence in the GW's secure file of previous succesful ideni logins
  8. There was no problem at any time to conect to the other cluster member over it's Mgmt interface

Interesting. Could any other device on the same subnet connect to the R80.10 gateway?

From your description it sounds like indeni did not recieve any reply to the ARP requests, is that correct?