Pool member(s) unavailable-radware-alteon-os

Pool member(s) unavailable-radware-alteon-os

Vendor: radware

OS: alteon-os

indeni will alert if a pool member which should be available is not.

Remediation Steps:
Determine why the members are down and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

How does this work?
This script uses the “/info/slb/dump” command to retrieve the real server status. This script looks for “RUNNING” status.

Why is this important?
A real server being down results in reduced pool capacity or in the worst, downtime. Disabling nodes is common (during maintenance for example) but it is easily forgotten. This metric would warn administrators when a node is not ready to accept traffic.

Without Indeni how would you find this?
An administrator would have to log in to the device’s web interface and click on “Application Delivery” -> “Server Resources” -> “Real Servers”. This would show a list of the real servers and their states. Select the affected real server to determine if it needs to be reconfigured or has a failing health check.


Failed to fetch the data: https://bitbucket.org/indeni/indeni-knowledge/src/master/parsers/src/radware/alteon/ssh-info-slb-dump/ssh-info-slb-dump.ind.yaml


Failed to fetch the data: https://bitbucket.org/indeni/indeni-knowledge/src/master/rules/templatebased/loadbalancer/lb_pool_members_unavailable.scala