Parse an array as list

Parse an array as list

Hello everyone :)

I'm writing my first IND script, I want to parase the following JSON array:


And print it as a live config.

I couldn't find a way to prase the array into a list (without key values)


Image title


INFO - Metric Name: allowed-ips ||| Tags: device = F5 ||| Value: [ {
"IP" : ""
}, {
"IP" : ""
}, {
"IP" : ""
}, {
"IP" : ""
}, {
"IP" : "All"
} ]


Any suggestions?



Can you please create a test case with inout and expected output so we will be able to help?

Hey there Daniel,

Our data structure for the complex / snapshot metrics is quite restrictive, and is in fact a simplified JSON.

It only comes in two forms:

  1. A key-value map, where the value may only be a primitive value (but not arrays nor nested objects).
  2. An array of #1.

So basically your attempt to list the IPs was actually the correct way to do it.

Glad to have you on board with us :)