PA-200 partial recall

We use a PA-200 in one of our offices (we also use firewalls by other vendors :) ) and got a notice regarding a "device replacement program" initiated by Palo Alto Networks for some PA-200 with a problematic HD.

Based on Indeni Insight data, it seems that less than 1% of devices out there are PA-200. Not sure what percentage are actually affected by the issue (not all PA-200's are).

More details here:

Anyone affected by this?

Yes, I had to replace 3 of our PA-200's. 2 had already been replaced for other reasons and were not affected. Be aware, this can be a long process if you are all the way up on 8.0.6h3 PAN-OS. >2hrs in some cases with all the OS upgrades and license application before loading your configuration back onto the device.