OSPF with 3rd Party router

OSPF with 3rd Party router

I have an issue with OSPF toward a third party router and I want to see details of the OSPF packets received and sent over the link. How can I easily get a packet capture from a Cisco nexus switch?


Good question Victor!

Using the command-line version of Wireshark, called TShark (for Terminal Wireshark), Cisco developed the Cisco NX-OS Ethanalyzer. The TShark is a network protocol analyzer on the CLI.

Besides, it is embedded on NX-OS the Tcpdump feature. It is a NX-OS CLI application that can be used to capture and prints out a description of the contents of packets on a network interface.

An example for tcpdump can be found below:

N9k(config)# feature bash-shell

N9k(config)# exi

N9k# run bash

bash-4.2$ tcpdump --help

bash-4.2$ sudo tcpdump -w file.pcap -i Eth1-1

tcpdump: WARNING: Eth1-1: no IPv4 address assigned

and an example of the ethanalyzer command:

N5k-UP# ethanalyzer local interface mgmt capture-filter "tcp port 23" limit-captured-frames 100 write bootflash:///telnet-capture2

A relevant article is going to be published at Indeni blog with testing at the Indeni lab these embedded to NX-OS packet capture features. Stay tuned.

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