Old knowledge version deployed with

Installed Indeni packages:

Today, I upgraded my Indeni packages on my local Indeni server using imanage magic option #2, to the latest rc candidate, I ended up with what seems to be an old version of indeni-knowledge:

indeni@ind-local:/usr/share/indeni-knowledge/stable/ind/meta$ cat knowledge-version.properties 

The indeni staging server in the TA lab, e.g., is on and has:

indeni@server:/usr/share/indeni-knowledge/stable/ind/meta$ cat knowledge-version.properties 

Am I missing something, or is there a problem here? It doesn’t make sense to me that a newer version of Indeni would deploy with an older version of knowledge.

This is actually a serious issue. No matter how I try to use imanage or imanage magic to change my indeni server version, I can’t get any update or change to the Knowledge version. I tried to use imanage magic to install some “newer” version of Knowlege, but I don’t know what the actual version numbers are, and I don’t know any way to list/see them.

Created a blocker bug: https://indeni.atlassian.net/browse/IKP-2315

You will need to specifically install the wanted knowledge version. To do that:

  1. run ‘imange magic’
  2. Use option 11 install specific knowledge version
  3. type ‘y’
  4. type ‘ik-’

We will work on an easier, more friendly way to update the knowledge

@Alon_Ashkenazi thanks, but I’m a little confused by this. Up until now, every time I changed my indeni server version using imanage (and I think imanage magic), the Knowledge version was also automatically updated to the ‘correct’ version (i.e., the version that “goes with” that specific Indeni server version).

Are you saying that from now on we have to “manually” (explicitly) update the Knowledge version as a separate step after upgrading the Indeni server? If so, why (I mean: this will almost certainly cause a LOT of confusion for IKEs, so why would we change this)? Furthermore, how can we know which version of Knowledge to use for a given Indeni server version? Is there some way to query for this information?

Fwiw, I did know about this imanage option, and I tried it, but I didn’t know ~how to know~ which version of Knowledge to use. The process is already documented on the wiki here :slight_smile:https://indeni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IKP/pages/76742659/Administration+and+Testing+on+a+Live+indeni+Server#AdministrationandTestingonaLiveindeniServer-Installingacustombuildordifferentversionsofservervs.knowledge

The behavior hasn’t changed, when installing any indeni version (stable or release candidate in your case) you will always get the latest stable knowledge (we have a task to provide better option here). The latest stable knowledge version is 6.4.4 this is way you are keep getting it.

Ahhhhhh. Ok. Thanks for explaining, Alon. I’ll add that detail to the wiki.

Documented here: https://indeni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IKP/pages/76742659/Administration+and+Testing+on+a+Live+indeni+Server#AdministrationandTestingonaLiveindeniServer-Installingacustombuildordifferentversionsofservervs.knowledge