non-chassis devices respond to "Show Chassis Inventory" and other

We run the following command "show chassis inventory" via API and use a function to tally the up the different chassis components that are running on the device.

This has worked fine for the older models (7000 series and 5000 series) as they would only respond to the command should the device be a chassis. For example, if a 5000 series had dual fans and power supply, the device would respond with an "invalid syntax" when you run the query.

This is problematic when you consider models like the 5200 series. which will actually respond and provide data on its fan trays and power supplies with this api query. Keep in mind that as long as we get a minimum of 1 entry from the response, Indeni will tag the device as a chassis.

Potential solution: Change our logic to only tag a device as a chassis should it have 1 blade at minimum. At the moment, we tally any and all entries. If we specify the logic to only entries pertaining blades, this should fix the issue.

looking at you!

Some background: We intro'd the tag "chassis" for licensing purposes only. Because we tend to check for extra cool stuff specific to a chassis, we need to make sure we take that into account when we quote pricing and issue licenses. Chassis are considered, "special licenses".

As Charles mentions, the way we currently do it, does not scale. and other Palo Alto Experts out there, interesting ideas are welcomed!