New version of Indeni

New version of Indeni

I upgraded my Indeni to be


After upgrading, I removed my monitored devices and added them back. To my surprise, I could add one of the three, even that one keeps losing connectivity from Indeni. The other two just failed all the time.

I did some troubleshoot for a while to notice three things, but not sure related or not.

First, I had tacac+ configured on my device, authentication traffic to tacac+ hugely increased, then I removed that configuration to only to use local authenticaiton.

Second, I have syslog configured, so all the authencation traffic also goes to the syslog server, but I thing durable.

Third, most of interesting is from sniffering, I noticed tons of ssh traffic between Indeni and my device. Even I didi not see activities from collector log.

Any clues ?

When I used to use 5.9.3, it worked fine.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. While I review the details further, I was hoping you could go to 'imanage' > choose option [4] 'Change Indeni source packages' and let me know what the source is set to. It should say [Configurating Indeni Source] Your indeni source is set to '[source-location]'.


I switched to shared credentials in 6.0 and everything went to not responding. I restarted Indeni services with imanage and all is well.