New version of 6.0 Indeni - help / features & problem

New version of 6.0 Indeni - help / features & problem

I have upgraded the Indeni server at R. 6.0 and I have noticed two major changes from the R.5.9.x, so I would like your input in case that I am doing something wrong.

1. Has the "actual config" tab included to the R.5.9 been removed to the R.6.0? It was included very useful info for the network devices. I can not find it now. If exists where is located??

2. I tried to add a new device but nothing is displayed when I select the "Credential set" tab to set the credentials to login to the device. I have tried it with multiple ways but with no success. I have used both Chorme and Firefox browsers. How can I set the credentials to the 6.0R? Do you have any output when you choose the Credential set tab?


Please take a look at and let us konw if you find it usefull.

"Credntials" are presented in the Devices section.

"Actual Config" is now available from the Devices tab as "More Device Info"