Need command-runner help to run tests against Palo alto firewalls - no such variable 'api-key'

Hello Guys,

I am running into problem using command-runner (both versions in 6.x) to test against the PAN firewalls. I get the message "

Message = No such variable 'api-key' in '/api?type=op&cmd=<show><ntp></ntp></show>&key=${api-key}' in the logs.

However if I use curl with the same api key it works fine.

I went ahead and tested command-runner against an srx fw (awk) and it works.

Thanks for your help in advance.



To continue where we left off on the wiki. The script that sets the "api-key" variable is

You have tried running it to get the API key and then manually specifying it with:
./ full-command /Users/ss-indeni/Desktop/ss_indeni/parsers/src/panw/panos/show-ntp.ind --basic-authentication indeni,PASSWORD --https-port 443 --api-key LUFRPT1TMVdBWjBsVGt2aVhYVHRMSnhtbDJyc3dFeFU9N0Z3UzV6OE13QVJlTHlqdFVGcWN3VitLQXlRNzBja3BaVmd3OWhtbzc5RT0=

But you are getting the error:
Message = No such variable 'api-key' in '/api?type=op&cmd=<show><ntp></ntp></show>&key=${api-key}',

I am not sure that the option --api-key is setting the variable ${api-key}, but then again, what else would that option do?
One solution I think would work is to use the command:

./ full-command /Users/ss-indeni/Desktop/ss_indeni/parsers/src/ --basic-authentication indeni,PASSWORD

What this command would do is to run all possible scripts against your device just like the Indeni server would in real life. That would include the script that sets the "api-key" variable.

This would of course take a bit longer since all scripts that can needs to run against the device, including the script you tried to run.

Maybe someone who work with PAN can let us know the correct procedure if one would like to run only one script? Maybe the command-runner needs to be updated so that "--api-key" option sets the ${api-key} variable?