Multistep test case creation

Multistep test case creation


HI all,

Could somebody explain how to run command-runner to create a multistep test case?

I followed the indeni guide to create a multistep script, the “how to” indications to create the input.json file and other input files associated to each step of the test case, but there is no reference how to create the output file with the command-runner.


I am pretty sure that the only way right now is to create the output.json by hand. But, you can just create an empty output.json,

  "type": "monitoring",
  "result": [

and then run ‘command-runner test run’ – this test will fail and report the expected metrics, not in json, unfortunately, but you can use the data to create the correct output.json.


@r808 multistep is becoming something very common. We need to be able to create multistep test case automatically.