Monitoring VPNs

Monitoring VPNs

If a VPN shows down for 15 minutes or more, then trigger an action to reset the VPN through Indeni. This would be really useful addition to the system for us.

Hi Peter,

Great suggestion. At the minute, we focus on monitoring automation. That said, we could build a script that leverages our components to get the job done.

1) ssh into the device

2) execute the command to recycle the VPN.

3) Use CommandRunner to parse the response of the command and show the user the result of the activation.

What do you think?


Right now we check if the VPN is down by the abcense of a valid Phase2 for the VPN tunnel. This means that the tunnel could potentially be down for longer before the Phase2 expires. Once it expires and is not renew we would alert. So in this case the reset would also clear the Phase1 would I guess could fix an issue if it is related to that.
Would be cool to do actions based on alerts, to try and auto-resolve them.