Metric names format for new device (Fortinet) - best practices

Metric names format for new device (Fortinet) - best practices

I have reviewed the wiki page about known metrics ( ) and I need your advice.

Regarding the metric names should i use the prefix with the "fortinet-" when i implement custom metrics for a fortinet device?

For example should i use "fortinet-ntp-server-mode" vs "ntp-server-mode" (assuming that 'ntp-server-mode' is not reserved/known in the aforementioned wiki page?)

I assume for device-specific metrics i should prefix with the "fortinet-" (for example fortinet-hd-usage) but for cases like "ntp-is-synchronized" I should not-prefix. Is that correct?

When a metric is something that will likely be used by other devices, we shouldn't add a prefix of the device type. However when a metric is device specific we do add the vendor iמ the beginning to make it clear that it's device specific.

In his example of the NTP metric, it's something that could be used with other devices and so we shouldn't add the vendor prefix.

Is this a new alert you're proposing? What is the alert? ntp-server-mode doesn't sound vendor specific as Alon indicted.