Memory leakage in Fortigate firewalls?

Some people at my work place was visiting a place using Fortigate for their office firewalls. They said there was big problems with memory leaks and that they had to restart the firewalls every 2 weeks.

Anyone else had these issues, or other issues with Fortigate?


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Hey Patrik - There absolutely have been issues with memory leaks over the years, however I feel most of those have been resolved in 5.4 and 5.6. It plagued 5.0 and 5.2 code revisions. I would be curious to learn what models and code revisions they are running as well as which process they have the memory leaks on. It would be recommended that they move up to 5.4.9 or 5.6.5 depending on their model and feature-set/use case. Also, if it’s the IPS engine that is causing the memory leak, they may need to upgrade the IPS engine itself.

Thank you Chris!

I’ll ask and see if I can get some information.

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