Manage IOSv images

Manage IOSv images


I have just started to play with the trial version of the indeni VM.

Added the SSH credentials used on cisco IOSv devices, but interrogation failed.

An error occurred
Interrogation failed - Indeni attempted to determine the device type but failed. We could not determine the operating system"s details. Indeni supports the following device operating systems: alteon-os, gaia, gaia-embedded, ios, ipso, junos, nxos, panos, secureplatform, sgos Please verify this device is supported and configured according to Often times the issue is the result of incorrect permissions or priviliges given to the user Indeni is connecting with. Detailed debug information to follow: Details: https-interrogation: Header = Execution Error, Description = Failed executing command: https-interrogation, request:, Message = Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac, junos-show-version-interrogation: Header = Parse Error, Description = Command [] junos-show-version-interrogation parser failed with input: ^ % Invalid input detected at "^" marker. , Message = Header = Execution Error, Description = Failed to parse XML, Message = Content is not allowed in prolog., , 


The device is reachable from indeni and can be accessed from https as well as ssh.

The provided link didn't help:

What protocol indeni uses to interrogate devices? SSH? https? Should the devices be configured for snmp?


Hi AJ,

Just to confirm that you're using 6.0. We don't yet support IOS devices. Support for IOS devices is in 5.5 only. In 6.0, we support Cisco Nexus devices only.

Indeni uses SSH to interrogate a device.