Making screen shots of alerts

Making screen shots of alerts

I found that making screen shots for alerts with a lot of text was a bit troublesome.

Either I had to divide them into multiple screen shots or zoom out which made the information barely discernable.

Wrote a snippet to solve at least some of the instances and thought I'd share it:

Installation instructions:

1. Add Tampermonkey to Chrome or Firefox.

2. Create a new script and paste the code from github.

3. Change // @match https://indeni.domain.local/* to match your indeni server.

Now that you're in the alert section you can click on this button in the top right corner:

Image title

To make this:

Image title

Into this:

Image title

It ain't pretty, nor perfect. But it works for me. :)


Impressive display hack. However, this tampered screenshot presents the alert in a way that is not currently present in the real Indeni application.

I think the reveiw must be based on the real screenshots. If it is diffuclut to display the longer remediation steps (they are getting more common recently) and afected items list, this may signal the need to improve the UI of the real application.

Nice! Only thing missing is the annoying thing that the hostname does not show in this view, so its not clear for which device the screenshot is for.

This is awesome!


NICE! take a look.