Links in indeni emails point to old GUI

The links in the indeni emails still point to the old GUI (:8181). Is that on purpose for now? Also, where do you find the version info in the new GUI? I might be blind.


Thanks for the heads-up on this! This is under further review.

I suspect you might already know, but for the benefit of others, to get to the new GUI remove port 8181 at the end of he URL. Right now the version information can be found on indeni server, type 'imanage' and choose [1] Display installed Indeni packages. Or, add port 8181 back onto the URL and look to the bottom right-corner of the browser to see the version information. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


- Paul

, thanks for your question!

We are working to add the server, collector and the KB (knowledge Base) versions to the new UI (currently under design review). In the meanwhile, you can view the version as Paul suggested:
1) Using imange > option 1
2) Navigate to the old UI

As for the email, we still have customers that are using the new server ( > 6.0) with the old UI (port 8181). This means that we will need to build more sophisticated solution and not just update the email link. We have this task in our backlog with low priority (currently).

Please let me know if you have any other questions

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