July Member of the Month Paul Carter

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Our Indeni Crowd July Member of the Month, ​Paul Carter​, exemplifies everything we cherish about our community. Mix dedication, expertise and hard work and you have this months Member of the Month. It comes as no surprise that Paul is a senior member of ​Aplura’s Information Security Engineer team, with his expansive knowledge around network security and the drive for excellence. Paul spent his early years in Alabama, and after receiving his bachelor’s Paul ventured out to pursue a Master’s Degree in Information Technology at Western Governors University.

Beyond making contributions with his Palo Alto Networks knowledge, Paul is the driving force behind a few additions within the community, such as introducing the ​Palo Alto Vouchers​ as a reward. Paul has undoubtedly made friends here at Indeni, the more we notice Paul is investing in learning, the more challenges we place in front of him, and he’s more than happy to take them on!

Paul has also published blog posts alongside Indeni, where he discusses tips for ​Palo Alto Networks CLI​ and a guide on how to get started as a Palo Alto Networks Administrator.

He learned how to code in 2016, with his motivating factor being that he wanted to manage Splunk more effectively. Like most of us, the first program he wrote is “Hello World,” though he turned his focus to Linux scripting. His advice to the many who have been on the fence about starting the journey of learning how to code is, “start today and don’t let yourself get intimidated” We agree, which is why, with the advice of Paul, Indeni Crowd now offers many prepaid online courses​ to kick start the learning.

We are ecstatic to have a member like Paul in our community. Not only is Paul is contributing his expertise to the community, but he leverages best practices from other members to help him grow as an IT professional and stay ahead of issues. We could not ask for a better community member and we hope you all join us in celebrating his contributions by congratulating him in the Indeni Crowd​ today!

Fun Facts About Paul

What's a song that always makes you happy when you hear it? Fur Elise

Do you have a collection of anything?
A collection of hats from my favorite sports team.

If you could automate one part of your job, what would it be?
The ability to clear a specific firewall session following an alert of the session becoming stale.

What has been your favorite challenge in Indeni Crowd?
Six Steps to your Dream Job

What is the most engaging question you’ve seen in the community?
Reviewing Your Palo Alto Experience


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Congratulation , Paul.

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