Jawk unicode support?

Jawk unicode support?

relevant .ind script:


I'm returning some unicode character data from a device (an SSL certificate name). Via SSH on the device, the data displays fine:


But, once I parse with JAWK, it's mangled:

2017-12-07 11:21:21,142 32023 DEBUG - ********* TÜBİTAK_UEKAE_Kök_Sertifika_Hizmet_Sağlayıcısı_-_Sürüm_3

So, ultimately, in the live config, it is also mangled.

A quick Google didn't really help me at all -- I get the sense that current versions of gawk support unicode, but I was surprised at how little info there was to easily find. I didn't dig hard.

I'm assuming we're just stuck with ASCII, but wanted to make sure: anything I can do about this?

to reproduce:

- run attached script against a fortinet device which has Unicode certificate names.


cert names display properly in live config


cert names are mangled

I believe we haven't properly tested unicode test-cases. Could you perhaps provide us with the ind script and the input you're using?

Hey, sorry for taking so long with this, we're quite overwhelmed with tasks at the moment.

I couldn't get a hand on a fortinet with unicode certificate names, so I was only able to "inject" the unicode data into an input file, which was parsed correctly. Meaning this might be a problem with the SSH client.

Can you think of any command that'll output unicode characters on most devices (not necessarily fortinet)?