issue with OSPF neighbor down alert

issue with OSPF neighbor down alert


I was alerted that one or more OSPF neighbors are down. All of them in fact. Upon logging in to the Nexus and immediately running show ip neighbors it listed all of them as up. All of them for no less than 1 week and some for over a year. No network issues have been reported so I suspect this is a false alarm but I'm not sure what could have caused it.

This occured within an hour, possibly less of upgrading to







Thank you for letting us know about this. Is it possible for you to send logs to support, via imanage, and let us know when you've done that? I would like to look into this further.




Which device was the alarm for?



I went over the logs and they show that we consistenlty run the "show ip ospf neighbors" command and it returns a metric with 14 values.

Please send the output for "show ip ospf neighbors" from the relevant device to

so we can check it against the following parsing:
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/^\s*[1-9][0-9]*/ {    neighbor_id=$1    #priority=$2    state=$3    #up_time=$4    #address=$5    #interface=$6        if (state ~ /FULL/) {        ospf_state = "1.0"    } else {        ospf_state = "0.0"    }    ospftags["name"] = neighbor_id    writeDoubleMetric("ospf-state", ospftags, "gauge", 60, ospf_state)}