Issue Testing Interrogation Sscript

Issue Testing Interrogation Sscript

I ran into this issue a while back and I have been meaning to share it with everyone.

I was adding a new device type and I was testing the initial interrogation script (no requirements). The script looked fine running it against a live device with command-runner. However, when I loaded the script onto a live Indeni server, I was getting a “Device Not Responding” error. When I checked the device I could see that the Indeni server was logging onto it and running commands. When I checked the log files on the server it looked like the script was running without any errors and it was returning the correct tags.

After over an hour of scratching my head, I decided to load another script {a monitoring script) for the device on the server to see if it ran. Since this was a new device type, the only script I had loaded on the server was this single interrogation script. Lo and behold once I loaded the monitoring script the “Device Not Responding” error resolved. It was something about running the interrogation script without a monitoring script that was causing the “Device Not Responding” error.

Lesson learned, if testing a initial interrogation script, you need to have a monitoring script loaded as well. Can anyone explain what was occurring on the server side?

Thanks for sharing Deron!

On the server side we are managing a list of all connected devices and when was the last time we got data from them. If, for each device, we don't get any data for 5 min (configurable), we will issue "Device Not Responding" (DNR) alert to let you know that we don't see any data from the device and you should probably check it.

In your case, we were able to interrogate the device successfully and add it to the server device list, since you didn't include monitoring script for this device we didn't get data after interrogation which lead to DNR alert